June 26, 2004

Thats all folks

Yeahhh, today was the final exam! Two written exams and two multiple choice exams. The latter one can be pretty hard. Here's an example of Internet Commerce: Why is IPSec so commonly used ?
a) It supports point-to-multipoint (Yeah i use that everyday, coudn't life without it)
b) It was developed by Microsoft (Hhm, I discoverd shortly that MS developed DHCP, but IPSec ???)
c) It is a Layer 2 tunneling protocol (sure, thats also the reason why there is IP in front of it)
d) It supports different network protocols like IPX and Appletalk (ditto answer c)
Maybe the lecturer mixed something up with L2TP or the great possibility of IP to tunnel everything trough it. Well, we are all only humans ;)
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June 20, 2004

Beatles LIVE

Beatles You can say what you want in Sydney is always something going on. Today was a free Beatles concert in Darling Harbour. Didn't know that old people (not the cover band, the older listener) can still behave like young folks, they went nearly crazy while dancing to the songs. And befor you ask, yes thats water around the stage.
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June 10, 2004

How to save money when you move out

  • Persuade your fish and chip shop owner into selling minimum minimum chips
  • Create your own cult, where it's only possible to reach heaven by giving you beer.
  • Cut down on toilet paper. Buy 4 ply, and split in half.
  • When you eat dinner, serve small amounts and pretend you're in a posh restaurant with those big plates.
  • Undies can be used four times before wahsing. Inside forward; inside backward; outside forward and outside backward. The same goes for bras.
  • Don't spend money on the gym. Use an escalator as a step machine.
  • Actually use the library. They are quiet, warm and save you loads of rent.
  • Don't pay an entry fee to go clubbing. Listen and dance to the music outside the venue.
  • Sit on your friend's couch and charge a seat warmers fee.
  • Cook and package dinner for your friends, tell them it's take away. Ask for halt the cost.
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June 03, 2004

Miss Universum

Miss Universum 2004 comes from Down Under, Sydney! Just to get an idea, what the womens look like here ;)

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