May 30, 2004

Christmas time

Well it's getting Christmas !!! :) The nights are freezy with under 10 degrees, supermarkets and streets have christmas like lighting and channel TEN broadcasted last week THE GRINCH!

BTW: Test my new send sms feature.

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May 17, 2004

UTS/NASA Seminar - The Next 50 Years

"There is a special UTS public seminar being held next Monday 17 May by Dr. Jack Bacon from the NASA Space Centre, which will explore the impact of technology over the next 50 years."

Was an interresting and impressive presentation of the coming years. Beside of all the wars and poverty worldwide he illustrated a glory future with plasma power plants, new materials 700 times stronger than steel and first steps on Mars.

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May 09, 2004

National Rugby League

NRL Watched the "Roosters vs. Tigers" Rugby game in the Aussie Stadium with an unsatisfied 24 to 0 final score. The best of the game were the cheerleaders and you must believe me I'm awfully sorry that I have no better picture of them.
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May 04, 2004


CeBIT What's a year without a CeBIT ? You say it, nothing ;-)
And if I can go to Hannover, Hannover has to come to Sydney. However it was a tiny CeBIT (three halls) without the big ones but still good.
Taking about this Geek stuff, have a look at my 222 days uptime.
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