April 19, 2004

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Yesterday I visited the Blue Mountains. It's a stunning area of mountains and huge valleys, similar as the Grand Canyons. Also a great palce for hiking.

This will be the last trip with my car, I'm gonna sell it in the next days...
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April 14, 2004

Royal Easter Show

Royal Easter Show Royal Easter Show
Royal Easter Show Like every year Sydney hold over the Easter weekend the Royal Easter Show. It's a mixture of carnival, shows, food presentation and farm animals exhibitions. As you can see on the pics also with many cars involved. Where are such monster trucks in Germany ?? ;)

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April 04, 2004


Well no pictures of Syndey from me yet (i know I'm a lazy bastard), but I found nice galleries on the web. Sydney sights and the Skyline of Sydney.
There are also awesome sky and clouds pictures.

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April 01, 2004

That's me

Me In the case that I come back and no one recognise me anymore, here's a current photo ;)
Yesterday was wonderful day with sunshine, clear sky and 30°. Spended the whole afternoon lying on the Tamarama beach. Weather could be every birthday like this.
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