June 10, 2004

How to save money when you move out

  • Persuade your fish and chip shop owner into selling minimum minimum chips
  • Create your own cult, where it's only possible to reach heaven by giving you beer.
  • Cut down on toilet paper. Buy 4 ply, and split in half.
  • When you eat dinner, serve small amounts and pretend you're in a posh restaurant with those big plates.
  • Undies can be used four times before wahsing. Inside forward; inside backward; outside forward and outside backward. The same goes for bras.
  • Don't spend money on the gym. Use an escalator as a step machine.
  • Actually use the library. They are quiet, warm and save you loads of rent.
  • Don't pay an entry fee to go clubbing. Listen and dance to the music outside the venue.
  • Sit on your friend's couch and charge a seat warmers fee.
  • Cook and package dinner for your friends, tell them it's take away. Ask for halt the cost.
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